2017 Club Show Results & Critiques

Championship Show 23rd Sept 2017

Yorks Lancs Cheshire BTC Champ Show 

Saturday 23rd Sept 2017

Judge: Julie Price (Oxcroft)

Dogs: 124 Entries: 152 + 8NFC

BEST IN SHOW:Bandicoot Dragon Glass

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW: Keebank Jack Frost

RES BIS:& BOS: Ravenside Rumours About Caldewgate

DOG CC: Ravenside Rumours About Caldewgate

RES DOG CC: Ch Bandicoot Doc Martin

BEST DOG PUP: Keebank Jack Frost

BITCH CC:Bandicoot Dragon Glass

RES BITCH CC:Olympia De paris Fiery Lucifer

BEST BITCH PUP:Keebank Snow Queen

Best Veteran: Ch Howthwaite In Violet

Minor Puppy Dog:5-1

 1: Keebank Jack Frost.

2: Fieldsearch Physique

3: Remony For A'That

Res: Terabyte Trick or Treat

Puppy Dog: 6--1

1: Fieldsearch Firecracker

2: Remony For A' That

3: Bowencloud Busy Bee

Res: Fieldsearch Jump Jack Flash

VHC: Jrasamuyr Codex

Junior Dog:11 -0

1: Oakyard Out N'About at Dassett

2: Tojamatt Rhythm N'Blues at Raedwulf

3: Ravenside Le Gourmand

Res: Normbar Hussar

VHC: Howthwaite In Voice

Yearling Dog:6 -2

1: Thornheswin Red Ruffian

2: Tojamatt Moriarty

3: Karison Kustard

Res: Normbar Hussar

Novice Dog:4-2

1: Jrasamuyr Codex

2: Coolham Buck

Post Graduate Dog:9 -0

1: Stinval Pontiac from Thornheswin

2: Rhozzum Gwilym

3: Breckgreen Soldier Blue

Res: Oakyard Out N'About at Dassett

VHC: Tyrian Arrowsmith

Limit Dog:9 -1

1: Ravenside Rumours About Caldewgate

2: Chatmoss Bullet Tooth Tony (no 124 not in cat)

3: Manorborders Maverick By Tyrian

Res: Hawcoat Mr Fixit

VHC: Chorbeck Chatty Man JW ShCM

Open Dog: 9-1 

1: Ch Bandicoot Doc Martin

2: INT Irish Ch Ploughdown Plato

3: Ch Karison Kosta

Res: Tythrop Timepiece

VHC: Kgills King Of Swing at Awbrooksky

Special Beginners Dog:2

 1: Bowencloud Busy Bee

2: Coolham Buck

Veteran Dog:2 -1

1: Minx's Diamond

Special Open Dog /Bitch holding a Working Certificate 3:

 1: Ragatam Equalizer via Ycart

2: Int Ch Stonchester Apostrophe von Jrasamuyr

3: Int Ch Stonechester Question Von Jrasamuyr

Minor Puppy Bitch:8 -3 

1: Keebank Snow Queen

2: Ravenside Calima

3: Picer Beth Chatto

Res: Nottorg Nostalgia

VHC: Awbrooksky Tale As Old As Time

Puppy Bitch: 7-1 

1: Blaisdon Step In Time

2: Ravenside Masena

3: Borderstream Maisie

Res: Bowencloud The Bee Charmer

VHC: Kelcraig Demona

Junior Bitch:8-1 

1: Oakyard On Song

2: Karison Krumble

3: Lynsett Miss Marple

Res: Wadesleia Lady Madonna Saxheath

VHC: Merumhor Blue Jasmine

Yearling Bitch: 13 -4 

1: Bon Appetit by Tythrop

2: Ploughdown Paloma

3: Tojamatt Make Believe

Res: Borderigg Rewind to Ravenside

VHC: Tojamatt Myth for Chevinor

Novice Bitch :9-2 

1: Oakyard On Song

2: Shiftyfox Fairymist

3: Wadesleia Lady Madonna Saxheath

Res: Borderstream Maisie

VHC:Nottorg Nostalgia

Post Graduate Bitch: 9-1 

1: Bandicoot Dragon Glass

2: Terabyte Dawnanna at Blaisdon

3: Howthwaite Gold Dust

Res: Hawcoat Ugo Girl

VHC: Picer Angelica to Nottorg ShCM

Limit Bitch: 10-2 

1: Remony Frosted Ivy JW ShCM

2: Brankell Double Or Quits JW

3: Lynsett Bold Spirit JW

Res: Smalesmouth Skylark

VHC: Awbrooksky Geeteethree

Open Bitch: 10-1 

1: Olympia De Paris Fiery Lucifer

2: Ch Chorbeck Gossip Girl at Blackmine JW

3: Ch Ianteg Red Rubi JW ShCM

Res: Borderxpress Miss Potter

VHC:Byrewick Valentine

Special Beginners Bitch 2:

1: Borderstream Maisie

2: Brackenfell I Go To Pieces

Veteran Bitch: 1

1: Ch Howthwaite In Violet

Yorks Lancs & Cheshire BTC Open Show

Saturday 13th May 2017

Judge: John Thomas (Blaisdon)

Dogs: 71 +1NFC Entries: 91

Best in Show: Oxcroft Freelander

Best Puppy in Show: Stineval Kordia

Best Opposite Sex in Show & RBIS : Sulan Strictly Blues Dancin'

Best Veteran in Show: Int US/Ch Ch Sulan Fancy That

Minor Puppy Dog: 2

1: Bowdencloud Busy Bee

2: Tojamatt Rhythm N'Blues at Raewulf

Puppy Dog: 4-0

1: Karison Kroupier 

2: Redfox Dusty

3: Tojamatt Rhythm N'Blues at Raewulf

res: Winhaz The One

Junior Dog:10 -0 

 1: Oxcroft Jethro

2: Norbar Hussar

3: Chorbeck Space Cowboy

res: Karison Red Rock

VHC: Lynsett Lewis

Novice Dog:3 -0

1: Norbar Hussar

2: Bowdencloud Busy Bee

3: Borderstream Hunter

Post Grad Dog: 7 

 1: MySulan Going Solo

2: Tyneaster Special Agent at Raedwulf

3: Keebank Charlie's Diamond

res: Cedarhill Ghost Writer

Limit Dog: 7-2

1: Oxcroft Freelander

2: Chorbeck Chatty Man

3: Carrock Carnegie

 res: Dandyhow Friendly Fire at Chevinor ShCM

VHC: Stineval Pontiac From Thorneswin

Open Dog:2 

1: Ch Karison Kosta

2: Ycart Earth Stopper


Minor Puppy Bitch: 5-1

 1: Stineval Kordia

2: Esyntona Whisper

3: Chorbeck Angel

res: Bowencloud The Bee Charmer

Puppy Bitch: 4-2

1: Karison Karousel

2: Redfox Magic

Junior Bitch: 10- 4

1: Tojamatt Myth for Chevinor

2: Wadesleia Lady Madonna Saxheath

3: Oxcroft Damson of Glenorchy

 res: Karison Krumble

VHC: Oxcroft Damsel

Novice Bitch: 6-3

1: Esyntonia Whisper

2: Wadesleia Lady Madonna Saxheath

3: Brackenfell Boogaloo

Post Grad Bitch: 7-5

1: Hartswelin She's The One

2: Stineval Malizia

Limit Bitch: 6-3

1: Sulan Stritly Blues Dancin'

2: Picer Angelica to Nottorg Shcm

3: Holdenelms Lady Alice via Ycart

Open Bitch: 5-2

1: McBrook Miss Amelia

2: Ch Am Ch Sulan Easy Does It

3: Vallemoss Drama Queen via Saxheath

Special Beginners dog/bitch: 7-4

1: Brackenfell Boogaloo

2: Tojamatt Myth for Chevinor

3:Borderstream Huntsman

Veteran Dog /Bitch: 5-2

1: Int Am.Can Ch Sulan Fancy That

2: Ruelata Acrobat at Redfox

3: Vallemoss Drama Queen via Saxheath

 Yorkshire Lancashire and Cheshire Border Terrier club 

 Open Show 13 / 5 / 2017 

 Thank you to officers and committee for inviting me to judge and to stewards for excellent work and also to the exhibitors for supporting the show. 

 MPD ( 2 - 0 )

1 Ruth Bowencloud Busy Bee.   8mth G/T dog good head and expression straight front good level topline well set tail moved well. 

 2 Atkinson's Tojamatt Rhythm N’Blues at Raedwulf Good head with good reach of neck just needs time. 

 PD ( 4 -  0 ) 

1 Johnsons Karison Kroupier nice G/T puppy good head with well set ears correct bite nice topline moved well

 2 Marr Redfox Dusty Nice head good front moved ok but a little nervous today 3 Atkinson Tojamatt Rhythm N’Blues at Raedwulf . R Dixons Winhaz the one. 

JD ( 6- 1 ) 

 1 Price Oxcroft Jethro good headed dog nice reach of neck into well laid shoulders good topline well set tail moved ok. 

 2 Ellis Normbar Hussar nice young dog with good topline and tail set in good coat just preferred head of first. 

ND ( 4- 0 ) 

 1 Ellis Normbar Hussar 

 2 Atkinsons Tojamatt Rhythm N’Blues at Raedwulf 

PGD ( 6 -2 ) 

 1 Baxters Mysulan Going Solo nice sized with a good head good bite spannable moved well RBD.

 2 Atkinsons Tyneaster Special Agent at Raedwulf nice type straight front good coat and pelt moved ok. 

LD ( 7- 2 )

 1 Julie Price Oxcroft Freelander workmanlike blue/tan dog good otter head and reach of neck into well laid shoulders nice turn of stifle and well balanced BD & BIS. 

 2 Haughton Chorbeck Man Similar type to first but grizzle/tan nice head and front level topline moved ok.

 OD ( 2- 0 ) 

 1 Johnsons Karison Kosta Strong headed dog nice reach of neck level topline straight front moved ok. 

 2 Fraser & Butlers Ycart Show Stopper not as strong in head as one straight front good coat and pelt looked better on the move.

 MPB ( 5 -1 ) 

 1 Horners Stineval Kordia nice 7mth old puppy good head level topline thick pelt and coat moved really well for such a young one this could be one to watch in the future. BPB BPIS & RBB. 

 2 Hoppers Esyntona Whisper good head neck and front thick coat and pelt moved well. 

PB ( 4- 2 ) 

 1 Johnsons Karison Karousal Racy Bitch good coat straight front moved well

 2 Marrs Redfox Magic another nice one nice head and expression just a little nervous to day. 

 JB ( 10 -3 )

 1 Metcalfs Tojamatt Myth for Chevinor Nice head good reach of neck with level topline moved well. 

 2 Heathcotes Wadesleia Lady Madonna Saxheath Nice Type keen expression sound mover 

 NB ( 6 -3 ) 

 1 Hoppers Esyntona Whisper

 2 Heathcotes Wadesleia Lady Madonna Saxheath 

PGB ( 7 -5 ) 

 1 Colemans Hartswelin She's The One Nice smart bitch handy size good head moves out well with plenty of drive.

 2 Horners Stineval Malizia good head nice under bodyline able to span easy moved well just preferred first. 

 LB ( 6- 3 )

 1 Baxters Sulan Strictly Blues Dancin'  Super B/T bitch good head neck & shoulders level topline movement spot on BB RBIS BOS. 

 2 Taylors Picer Angelina to Nottorg another nice bitch good head straight front movement very good a pity it came up against first. 

OB ( 5-2)

 1 Manns Mcbrook Miss Amelia good reach of neck in to level topline in good coat movement sound 

 2 Baxters CH Sulan Easy Does It Five year old bitch in good coat nice head strode out well.

SBDB (7- 4 ) 

 1 Axon & Taylors Brackenfell Boogaloo.

 2 Metcalfs Tojamatt Myth for Chevinor.  

VDB ( 5- 0 )

 1 Baxters CH / CAN CH Sulan Fancy That good old fashioned Border nice head and expression moved out well with plenty of drive for her age

 2 Marrs Ruelata Acrobat at Redfox nice G/T dog good head thick coat and pelt. 3 Heathcotes Vallemoss Drama Queen via Saxheath 

Judge: John  Thomas

(Photo left to right, BPIS, BIS, Judge, RES BIS.) 

Yorkshire ,Lancashire & Cheshire Border Terrier Club 

OPEN Show 28th January 2017

Judge: Ann Heathcote (Saxheath)

Dogs :68 + 2NFC Entries 87

Best In Show: Chorbeck Gossip Girl at Blackmine

Best Puppy: Norbar Hussar

Res BIS: Ch Stineval Napoleon JW

Best Opp Sex: Ch Stineval Napoleon JW

Best Dog : Ch Stineval Napoleon JW

Res Best Dog: MySulan Going Solo

Best Dog Puppy: Norbar Hussar

Best Best Bitch : Chorbeck Gossip Girl at Blackmine

Res Best Bitch : Sulan Strictly Blues Dancin

Best Bitch Puppy: Northborders Lady Mary

Best Veteran:Int AmCh/ Can/ Ch Ch Sulan Fancy That

Minor Puppy Dog: 3-1

1: Lynsett Lewis

2: Winhaz The One

Puppy Dog: 7-2

1: Norbar Hussar

2: Lynsett Lewis

3: Chorbeck Space Cowboy

res: Cedarhill Ghost Writer

Junior Dog:2 

1: Chorbeck Space Cowboy

2: Rexlands Road Runner..

Novice Dog:6 

1: Normbar Hussar

2: Ridgebow Hobgoblin

3: Cedarhill Ghost Writer

res: Brumberhill Breitling

VHC: Show Stopper Reggie Boy

Post Grad Dog: 6 -2 

1: MySulan Going Solo

2: Derwenthow Basil Brightberry

3: Otterpaws Munnin

res: Showstopper Reggie Boy

Limit Dog: 3-1

1: Chorbeck Chatty Man JW ShCM

2: Raleniro Second Time Around

Open Dog: 5

1: Ch Stineval Napoleon JW

2: Otterwood Caius JW ShCM

3: Dandyhow Freindly Fire at Chevinor ShCM

res: Blaisdon Bow Brilliant

VHC Keycharm Phantom by Ridgebow JW


Minor Puppy Bitch: 4-1

1: Fisherbloom Diaboli at Otterwood

2: Karison Knightingale

3: Lynsett Miss Marple

Puppy Bitch: 9-2 

1: Northborders Lady Mary

2: Ridgebow Pendle Witch

3: Oxcroft Damson of Glenorchyres: Tojamatt Myth for Chevinor

VHC: Netherhill Cortado at Almoor

Junior Bitch: 2

1: Terabyte Dawnanna at Blaisdon

2: Netherhill Cortado at Almoor

Novice Bitch:3 

1: Ridgebow Rusty Rivet

2: Fisherbloom Diaboli at Otterwood

3: Fairyyard Bright Beauty

Post Grad Bitch: 12-3 

1: Stineval Malizia

2: Picer Flora McIvor

3: Hartwelin She's The One

res: Diggsad Dizzy Dizzy Dora

VHC: Calestone Alice at Coolins

Limit Bitch: 8-1 

1: Chorbeck Gossip Girl at Blackmine

2: Sulan Strictly Blues Dancin

3: Stowthorney Miss Chief By Northborders

res: Rexlands Artic Red Pull

VHC:Lynsett Bold Spirit

Open Bitch: 4-1 

1: Otterwood Domina Candesco

2: McBrook Miss Amelia

3: Picer Aimee Vibert

Special Beginners dog/bitch:8-1 

1: Tojamatt Myth for Chevinor

2: Cainestone Alice at Coolins

3: Borderstream Huntsman

res: Otterpaws Muninn

VHC:Kenquartz Take a Bow

Veteran Dog /Bitch: 3-1

 1: Int AmCh Can Ch Ch Sulan Fancy That

2: Stbedeshound Frank in Sense of Raleniro


Judge's Critique 

                        Yorks Lancs & Cheshire Border Terrier Club Open Show 

 28th January 2017

 My thanks to the Committee for asking me to judge this show , my Stewards Callie and Ian for their invaluable assistance and all the exhibitors for allowing me to judge their dogs . I had some quality dogs to go over with some close decisions in some classes , however , I found front movement in particular was rather disappointing in the lower classes .That aside I thoroughly enjoyed my day . 

 Best in Show : James and Renders Chorbeck Gossip Girl at Blackmine

 Reserve Best in Show : Horners Ch.Stineval Napoleon JW 

 Best Opposite Sex : Ch Stineval Napoleon JW 

 Best Puppy in Show : Ellis’s Normbar Hussar 

 Best Veteran : Baxters Int Am Ch/Can Ch Sulan Fancy That 

 Dogs Minor Puppy 3. 1 abs

 1. Armstrong’s Lynsett Lewis 8 m b/t with a good head and expression and good mouth. He had a straight front, level topline and nice underline ,good bone and feet topped with a hard jacket and good pelt . Moved ok. 

 2. Dixon’s Winhazel the One (TAF) Raw 6m b/t puppy of lighter build than 1. Decent head ,good reach of neck, lovely bend of stifle which allowed him to move with plenty of drive and also had a hard jacket with a thick pliable pelt. 

 Puppy. 7 This was a quality class of puppies. 

 1. Ellis’s Normbar Hussar This lad had a head of correct proportions with a good skull, thick ears and good dentition. His nice reach of neck flowed into a level topline, he had good front and hind angulation and a carrot tail .His plentiful harsh coat, thck pelt and catlike feet completed the picture . He moved around the ring with plenty of drive and looked as if he would be capable of a days work . I was pleased to award him BPIS.

 2. Lynsett Lewis 

 Junior. 2 

1. Chorbeck Space Cowboy Red dog with a masculine head, good mouth, strong jaw, carrying a good jacket and pelt. Moved around the ring with good rear drive holding his level topline.

 2.Pearson’s Rexlands Road Runner Another with a masculine head, good reach of neck ,good outline and bend of stifle and a tight hard jacket.

 Novice. 6. 1 abs 

 1.Normbar Hussar

 2.Duxbury’s Ridgebow Hobgoblin Well balanced b/t with a good head and expression , straight front, nice outline and .good rear angulation . A bit short of coat today. 

 Grad. 6. 2 abs 

 1.Baxter’s My Sulan Going Solo JW One I have watched from a puppy and is maturing nicely. He has a lovely head and expression with big teeth and strong underjaw. He has a straight narrow front, good front and rear angulation,level topline and harsh jacket and good pelt. Moved well front and rear. RBD

 2.Robert’s Derwenthow Basil Brightberry Slightly bigger all round but has a good head and strong muzzle with a good mouth, straight front, good topline and tailset topped off with a pinwire coat and thick pelt. Moved very well.  

 Limit. 3. 1 abs

 1.Haughton,s Chorbeck Chatty Man Another with good head properties from this kennel, correct skull, thick ears, pleasing expression, good dentition and underjaw. He has a straight front , well laid shoulders .nice outline and bend of stifle and stands on cat like feet. Moved around well holding his topline. 

 2. Lorraine & Thomas’s Raleniro Second Time Around Strong headed dog with a nice reach of neck into a level topline and correct tailset topped with a good jacket and pelt. Moved well.

 Open. 5. 

 1. Horner’s Ch. Stineval Napoleon JW He has it all, good head ,dentition, straight front well, laid shoulders, straight topline and good underline,good bend of stifle, correct tailset, cat like feet,hard jacket and thick pelt. He moved very fore and aft and with drive. BD . RBIS. BOS

 2.Hollingsbee’s Otterwood Caius JW SHCM Another really nice dog with a lovely head and the best of expressions.He too is very well constructed with very similar attributes to one but with a racier outline.His movement is true both ways but was not as animated today.One of the close calls of the day. 

Bitches Minor puppy. 4. 1 abs. 1.Hollingsbee’s Fisherbloom Diaboli at Otterwood Racy b/t with a lovely feminine head and expression, good lay of shoulder and well ribbed back.Nice bend of stifle, well set tail, harsh jacket and thick pelt.Moved well both ways just needing to tighten up a little in front which should come with maturity.

 2. Pearson’s Karison Nightingale Slightly shorter coupled than one but with a straight front, neat feminine head,good mouth, well ribbed back with a good topline and nice carrot tail. Another good jacket and pelt and moved well. .

Puppy. 9. 2 abs 

1 North’s Northborders Lady Mary Lovely showgirl displaying her good points to advantage. Good feminine head, straight narrow front.good reach of neck into well laid shoulders,level topline and nice bend of stifle.Finished with a good pelt and jacket . RBPIS

 2.Duxbury’s Ridgebow Pendle Witch Another well made bitch with a strong but feminine head .She had very similar good points to the winner and it was a close decision . On the day 1 had a better jacket .

 Junior. 2. 

1 Thomas’s Terabyte Dawnanna at Blaisdon Racy bitch with a nice head, straight narrow front,nice reach of neck, good in shoulders and rib and with a thick pelt. Moved soundly .

 2. Batty and Smith’s Netherhill Cortado at Almoor VHC in a strong puppy class, Pretty head with a nice expression and a good topline held on the move.

 Novice . 3. 

 1. Duxbury’s Ridgebow Rusty Rivet This girl has a lovely straight front, good reach of neck into a level topline and nice underline a well set carrot tail and thick pelt. Unfortunately in her underwear today. Moved soundly. 

 2. Fisherbloom Diaboli at Otterwood 3. Tucker and Makin’s Fairyard Bright Beauty Post

 Grad. 12. 3 abs 

 1. Horner’s Stineval Malizia A bitch built on racy lines with a good head and expression, nice reach of neck into well laid shoulders, good topline, underline and rear angulation. She had a tight harsh jacket and good pelt and moved well around the ring . 

 2. Pickering’s Picer Flora McIvor This girl had a good head , eye and dentition, good front and rear construction, hard coat and moved well around the ring. Two bitches with so much to like , I just preferred the racier lines of 1. 

 Limit. 8. 1 ab

 1. James and Render’s Chorbeck Gossip Girl at Blackmine This girl caught my eye on entering the ring.Lovely head,expression, dentition,reach of neck and lay of shoulder.Lovely outline standing and moving. Stood on catlike feet and moved around the ring with reach and drive. BB and BIS

 2. Baxter’s Sulan Strictly Blues Dancing Racy girl with a good head, straight front and good front and rear angulation. She had a level topline held on the move topped off with a hard jacket. RBB 

 Open.4. 2 abs 

 1. Hollingsbee’s Otterwood Domina Candesco Head of correct proportions, good in neck, shoulder and rear angulation.Her coat was just coming through and was tight and harsh and she had a thick pelt. Moved very well front and rear with drive.

 2.Mann’s McBrook Miss Amelia Another with a feminine head with correct skull and good dentition. She had a straight front, good topline and tailset but had to give way to the movement of 1.

 Special Beginners.8. 2 abs 

 1.Metcalfe’s Tojamatt Myth for Chevinor Reserve in the strong Puppy class. Lovely head, straight front, good reach of neck , lay of shoulder, topline and underline.

 2.Dobson’s Calnestone Alice at Coolins Very similar to 1 and with a harsh jacket and thick pelt. Just preferred the head of the winner. 

Veteran.3. 1 abs 

1 Baxter’s Int AmcCh/Can Ch Sulan Fancy That 9 yrs bitch in tip top condition.Good front construction,head properties,topline ,tailset and rear angulation. Topped with a harsh jacket and lovely thick pelt , she moved very well. 

 2.Lorraine’s St Bedehounds Frank in Sense of Raleniro Almost 9 yrs dog with a nice head and expression, good dentition,straight front and tight hard coat .He too was put down in excellent condition. 

 Anne Heathcote (Judge)